Cure of Sleep Apnea

The only alternative to Cpap-mask is the bimaxillary jaw advancement (BIMAX)

Professor Sailer is a renowned expert in oral and maxillofacial surgery who has been specialising in obstructive sleep apnoea for over 25 years. At Zurich University Hospital he developed the unique causal operation technique “Rotation Advancement” to cure sleep apnoea, which is now a routine procedure in the Klinik Professor Sailer and is proven scientifically to be successful.

Sleep Apnea surgery

Presentation of jaw advancement surgery "Rotation Advancement" by Prof. Sailer

Below the animated presentation of surgery with a cured patient.

Finally restful sleep no snoring and no more breathing stops

Through the operation, the respiratory passages are permanently expanded. This procedure was developed at Zurich University Hospital by Professor Sailer more than 25 years ago and has been performed many thousands of times since then. This so-called “rotation advancement” technique cures the sleep apnoea; subsequent sleep laboratory examinations confirm this and scientific studies prove this.The new positioning of the upper and lower jaw leads to a forward displacement of the tongue, soft palate and palatal arch. This eliminates the life threatening night breathing stops.

No breathing mask or mandibular advancement splint anymore

After the procedure, the patient is cured from sleep apnoea permanently. Patients are no longer dependent on medical devices such as CPAP breathing masks, other breathing devices or tooth splints.

More performance ability and raised libido

Oxygen saturation in the blood is raised up to 100% with the expansion of the respiratory passages. The raised oxygen supply has a positive effect on all organs and the whole body. The patient has a restful sleep, is well-rested for the day, able to perform better and, according to the statements of many cured patients, has a raised libido once again.

No more high blood pressure

In almost all patients who have undergone the sleep apnoea operation, normal blood pressure was recorded a short time after the operation, without medicaments to lower blood pressure.

Further treatments

Many treatments promise to solve the problem. This therapies however treat the symptoms and have to be worn a live long. 

CPAP mask

This breathing device, known as a CPAP mask (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), which presses air into the lungs has to be worn during sleep at night. The effect is only present while the mask is in use.

The fullface or nose mask must be placed tightly over nose or nose and mouth. Straps keep the mask in place while wearing it. A tube connects the mask to the machine's motor. The motor blows air in a tube into the mask.

This common CPAP treatment is unfortunately not always the best solution for every sleep apnea patient as there are several complaints, for instance noise of the respirator, claustrophobia, asthma, dry nasal mucosa, dry eyes and more.

Oral protrusive devices

This dental devices are regarded as an alternative treatment option for snoring and mild sleep apnea syndrom.

Pofessor Sailer recommends this treatment only for a short period of time as it could move the teeth, cause toothpain and furthermore could dislocate the jawjoints.

Further treatments which are not offered at the Klinik Professor Sailer

Laser and radio frequency applications and operations 

The widely used and partly outdated treatment methods are laser and radio frequency applications and operations on the pharyngeal uvula, base of the tongue, palatal arch or soft palate.