Dr. Falke, MBA

Professional activity

02/92 - 01/96: Specialist training in anaesthesiology, Medical University of Lübeck

02/96 - 01/02: Anaesthesiologist at the Hanover University of Medicine; as a senior physician in anaesthesiology from 2000; additionally, as risk management department staff of the MHH from 2001

01/02 – 09/04: Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers AG

10/04 – 06/09: Chief Physician of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at the District Hospital Altmark Clinic gGmbH in Salzwedel

07/09 – 09/10: OP-Management at Munich Municipal Hospital GmbH

02/10 – 03/12: Physician in retainer practice at the University of Leipzig statutory body

04/12 – 06/13: Chief Physician of Anaesthesiology at the Mittweida District Hospital gGmbH; recovery plan drafting

07/13 – 02/15: Management at narkose.ch for two clinic locations


and present: Independent anaesthetist in the Canton of Schwyz and Zurich as well as Vorarlberg (A), director of the sleep lab at the Prof. Sailer Clinik AG