Mrs. Bovet Surgery 2016

Treatment with CPAP mask did not improve my situation.
"..have got a second live now"

Mr. Bayir was searching for help 30 years long

Surgery October 2016
"Today I feel fantastic, Finally I have energy again"

Mr. Müller, long-term result after 7 years

"My recovery went very well, painless and 3 weeks later I was back to work"

February 2019, Mrs. Wuethrich writes 4 month after her surgery

Rotation Advancement Operation By Professor Sailer:

After years of snoring, sleep disturbance, daytime fatigue, difficulty breathing, depression and a stroke, I decided to consult Professor Sailer.   

After I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea in May 2017, was not doing well with the CPAP mask and my X-rays showed drastic narrowing of the respiratory passages and a growth disorder of the lower jaw, Professor Sailer advised me to have the operation. Professor Sailer and his team carried out the repositioning of the upper and lower jaws (Rotation Advancement) in October 2018. 

I recovered from the operation very well. Although I was very tired, I did not experience any pain at all, but rather severe pressure caused by facial swelling. However, this got better after about a week and even the bruising went. Since I was only able to open my mouth a tiny bit, my meals consisted of soups, juice and purees for five long weeks. After the wires and stitches had been removed, I was able to chew food again. I then discovered that the muscles needed to be stretched again after having not been used for a long time. To optimise this healing process I sought the help of Ms. Gerda Braun (a qualified physio and craniosacral therapist). Another 4 weeks went by before I could chew soft meat.

Now, four months after the operation, I can say that my life has changed for the better. I no longer have breathing problems, no longer snore, no longer get migraines, am able to play sport again and am much healthier. People around me have noticed that I do a lot more, no longer gasp for air, have lost weight and my face is “narrower”. 

In the days after the operation I could not go for a walk, it was exhausting for me to talk and it was difficult to eat and drink. I still have some loss of sensation but this is improving each week.

It is a blessing that Professor Sailer operated on me. My family and I are very grateful that my quality of life is now this high.

Patient report 2019

Mrs. S.P. from Germany

After an unsuccessful surgery I consulted many doctors in Germany in search of help.

After a lot of time searching the Internet, I learned about Prof. Sailer in Zürich 

I contacted his very sympathetic and friendly wife, Frau Dr. Sailer, and Frau Oppenberger, who was also very helpful. I travelled to Zürich with my mum.

Prof. Sailer was the most caring and considerate doctor I have ever met.

Regarding my difficult situation, he put a lot of thought into how he could help me.

Prof. Sailer is trying to root out the exact cause of the problem.

Here at his clinic you’re not just parked in a corner.

From the very first moment I felt well looked-after in Prof. Sailer’s clinic and I have complete trust in him.

They also looked after my mum very well here.

They even rang me up after I got home to find out how I was doing.

A doctor had never done that for me before.

The entire team that we talked to at the clinic was more than helpful, and very kind too.

That’s why we want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you and until next time.”

warm regards


August 2018, Mr. Nipps longtime experience report

Sleep Apnea operation in 2004

I left my position as CEO of a private bank at the end of 2001 and reduced my workload to 50%. I made this decision on the advice of my doctors who had diagnosed me with severe sleep apnoea. I have been to the sleeping laboratory three times, and the assessments were very bad. Over 130 apnoeas (average 33 seconds). A recuperation value of around two and a half hours per night was calculated. Besides reducing my workload, I had a respirator made for me at the Swiss Lungenliga (Lung League) and used it every night for three years.

I heard about Professor Sailer and his success in the treatment of sleep apnoea from a friend. I then decided rather quickly to contact Professor Sailer. Already during my first visit, I was optimistic to do something about my sleep disorders. A second opinion I received from the University Hospital of Zurich convinced me that Professor Sailer would be able to successfully perform this non-standard operation on me. It has to be said that both an orthodontist and the attending doctor at the Lungenliga strongly advised against this operation. 

Christian Hoffmann, July 2018, 3 month after jaw advancement

His experiences before and after Sleep Apnea surgery

Professor Sailer operated on me 3 months ago and I am still totally impressed with the result. As a child, I was involved in a serious car accident, which left me with deformities, particularly in my face. Later, as an adult, I had 7 operations owing to this (supraorbital side correction; palate seam extension; bimax. jaw relocation, 3 x nose correction, double chin, scar correction, dental implant including orthodontic treatment). All these operations were carried out in Germany by “experts” and none of them were able to deliver a satisfactory result. Another problem was that for 23 years I hadn’t been able to breathe through my nose and neither the HNO doctors nor the surgeons had been able to – or had wanted to – solve the problem. What’s more, none of these “experts” had diagnosed a sleep-apnoea, which from a purely visual perspective, was more than likely to be present. 

March 2018, surgery after cpap mask complaints

Mr. Ocke J.Harrsen Germany

In 2016 I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea syndrome after suffering restrictions for many years with night-time blood pressure crises, insomnia, daytime fatigue and finally cardiac arrhythmia. The polysomnography showed severe REM-related OSAS. In view of the marked nature of the results, CPAP therapy was initiated. For over a year, I consistently wore the mask despite numerous problems. These manifested themselves in a wide range of forms: continual adjustment of the placement of the mask during the night (I tried various different models), swelling of the nasal mucous membranes, dry lips and nasal and oral mucous membranes despite the use of a humidifier, frequent conjunctivitis, continued severe fatigue and sleepiness in the daytime, concentration and memory disruptions, high blood pressure despite medication, in particular high values during the night, frequent urination at night, a sharply distended stomach and shortness of breath upon minimal exertion. I found the continual fatigue and my nightmares and states of anxiety to be very troublesome. The anxiety and nightmares prevented me from resting and caused me to go to bed later and later out of fear. In the morning I constantly had the feeling that I had not slept. My mental state got worse and worse, until finally I became depressive. This was a massive and no longer tolerable reduction of my quality of life

December 2017, one month after his surgery

Friedhelm Strahl from Hilden, Germany

I suffered from sleep apnoea for many years and have experience with a sleep splint as well as various respiratory masks. However, as the breathing interruptions became more and more serious, I finally decided to have an operation in Zurich with Professor Sailer. I can only advise everyone with similar problems to do the same. The operation is painless and involves staying five days in hospital. A week later the stitches are removed and a month later the wires in the mouth are removed. Only the swelling is unpleasant, but that subsides in as little as a few days after the operation. Although it is difficult to eat in the first few days, I received excellent care in the clinic in this regard. I was fortunate that my private health insurance covered all the costs. Had this not been the case, I would have also financed some of the cost on my own. Sleeping soundly at night again was important to me, as well as minimising any secondary diseases that may have resulted from the breathing interruptions. I would definitely have the operation done by Professor Sailer in Zurich again if necessary, and was highly satisfied with the result.

8 days after surgery, November 2017

David Neumayer, Vienna

On 14th November, I was operated on at Professor Sailer's for sleep apnoea. I already swam in the thermal water in Bad Ragaz on Friday evening and used the steam bath, but that's not what really counts. Instead, it is the improved quality of life, more oxygen concentration and the resulting effectiveness, more strength, and last but not least, much more and invaluable time – all these really valuable things in life, which the professor and his team have practically gifted me. In the clinic, you are cared for more than professionally, and there is a real family feeling. What more can you ask of the best?! P.S.: Greetings from Hungary – I even flew here!

Happy mother writes about cure of her son (23years)

Marcel Malz Germany:

For years, our son Marcel (23) suffered from tiredness, listlessness, fatigue… we went from doctor to doctor, had blood tests done with no real results, alternative treatments,

all this with no significant improvement! We were often told, “It’s just that he’s a fast grower.” OK, at an impressive 1.96 m he had stopped growing some time ago, but he kept getting worse

Patient report Hans-Rudolf Grolimund

December 2016, daughter writes about surgery of her father

Ms. Wafae El Otmani, Morocco.

My family and I have spent one month in Zurich for my father’s surgery of sleep apnea; a maxillomandibular advancement surgery performed by Prof. Sailer and his brilliant team.

Seven months before surgery, my father went for a polysomnography because of a constant asthenia and snoring during sleep, he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea (Index of 45/hour).

He started CPAP during sleep but could not use the machine regularly, he changed devices several times but in vain; he was simply not tolerating any facial mask. He even tried dental prosthesis and Surgery (septoplasty & uvulectmoy) but nothing helped. His performance declined so much that he took long periods of sick leave, did not do sport anymore and became depressed and constantly anxious

In January 2017 Mr. T. Ley, Duesseldorf Germany wrote:

It all began in 2012 when I woke up tired, although I had slept more than adequately. For months, it was hard for me to work efficiently during the day and find any motivation for sports and other activities.

My doctor checked me thoroughly and referred me to a sleep laboratory. It was established that I was suffering a huge amount of breathing interruptions (apnoea). As a result, a breathing mask was prescribed to wear at night.

It may be acceptable to some people to come to terms with using a sleep mask for the rest of their life, however the mask bothered me enormously during sleep. In the morning when I woke up, the mask was often next to my bed. This was an unacceptable situation for me. I looked for a permanent cure for my sleep apnoea.

Video about sleep apnea treatment before and after surgery

Mr. Christof Kuenzi has documented a 3 part video recording the course of his surgery which cured him from sleep apnea. Watch first the completion of treatment in December 2015. In the flashback you can follow all his experiences he had before and shortly after the surgery.

Patientreport December 2015

Mr. Bujara, Germany see photo


My symptoms and the search for an explanation

About 2 years ago, my partner told me for the first time that as well as my usual snoring, she had also noticed that I had long and frequent breathing stops during the night.Unfortunately I ignored this problem at first. I didn’t know it was a life-threatening problem called sleep apnoea.

My persistent tiredness and also dangerous falling asleep momentarily while driving were serious problems.

Patientreport from Mr. Gattermann, Germany

My name is Klaus Gattermann, I am 47 years old, married and have two children. I am self-employed as a project developer in real estates, have 15 employees and live in Germany in the beautiful city of Braunschweig.

Situation before the operation...

1 year after surgery, November 2016

Mr. Ben J.F. from Germany wrote:

At the end of 2015 I underwent a Rotation Advancement Operation, because I could hardly sleep anymore due to shortness of breath and nothing provided me with any relief. The cause was that my jawbone had not grown to its full extent, which led to a bottleneck effect in my throat. The operation, which Prof. Sailer suggested, planned to rectify the bottleneck without altering the position of my jaw line or disfiguring my face.

Patientreport after surgery May 2015

Ms Freudenstein from Germany

Today, quarter of a year after the sleep apnoea op:

How do you feel today, just a few months after the operation?

I feel fit, well-rested and motivated. I am enjoying work again.

Now, three months after the op, my jaw is also fully recovered. My muscles just need to get used to chewing again after weeks of rest. I no longer have migraines since the op and I no longer need to take my blood pressure tablets. My general well-being has changed very much for the better, also because I lost eight kilos as a result of the op

Long-term outcome after 12 years

January 2016, letter from Mr. Heinz Nipp Germany

Dear Professor Sailer

It is now more than 12 years since my sleep apnea surgery was performed. I thank you a thousand times, that you 

Patient interview March 2014

Mr. W. from Germany answered 3 months after surgery.

Why did you decide on this major operation?

Because only this type of surgery provides healing, and an extreme and lasting improvement of the quality of life.

Long-term result from patient Mr.C. Bausch

Dear Professor Sailer,

It has now been five years since my jaw operation. This time has been marked by a massively improved quality of life; not a day has passed when I have not been grateful for the results of your work. In the mornings I feel significantly fitter than previously and during the day I can concentrate better and am more relaxed. I want to thank you once again wholeheartedly for your superb work. Many thanks,

Christian Bausch 

Patientreport 3 month after surgery

Three years after his surgery Mr. H. Mueller from Switzerland wrote:

The question  how I am now three years after the operation in January 2011 can be answered quite simply. Excellent and terrific as never before, reborn.

Questions and answers between two patients

Dear Mr Urs Fäh, You have undergone the operation and I would like to ask you some questions about it. I have been suffering from sleep apnoea with all its side effects for several years. As I don’t find using the sleep mask very helpful, I would also like to have the operation.

1. When did you have the operation?

2. Did you have any pain?

3. Was the operation and healing process as described in the brochure?

4. Did you have high blood pressure? And has it now disappeared?

5. Do you now sleep through the night?

6. How do you feel after getting up and during the day?

7. Is your productivity as high as before the operation?

8. How did the people around you react to the changes in your face?

Many thanks in advance.

1year after sleep apnea surgery

Mr. Jost Ziegler from Switzerland answered:

How did you find out that you are suffering from sleep apnea?

I felt unrested every morning. During sport activities I was constantly breathing very loud and heavily and felt breathless

Questions and answers of two patients

Mrs. Joss, Switzerland see photo

Dear Ms Joss,
I am contacting you regarding your rotation advancement operation performed by Professor Sailer. I need to have this operation because of my sleep apnoea and I would like to ask about your experience of the procedure?

Patient report Mr Ziegler

Mr Jost Ziegler from Switzerland

How did you find out that you suffered from sleep apnoea?

I never felt refreshed in the morning after a night’s sleep. During all sporting activities such as jogging, swimming, yoga etc. I had to breathe very loudly and deeply and felt increasingly out of breath.

Patient interview February 2014

Experience report from a patient after the rotation advancement operation in December 2013

Why did you decide to have the sleep apnoea operation?

Because only an operation brings about a cure and improves your quality of life significantly and permanently.

Patient report Mr H. Müller, Zurich

Unbelievable. I had the operation on 12th January. I’ve been home since 17th January and my recovery is proceeding according to my expectations and I am mostly free of pain. The positive effects of the sleep apnoea operation were soon noticeable. The operation really is a medical wonder. Carried out to perfection by Professor Sailer. After months of decision-making and consultations I decided to have this jaw operation. Tiredness during the day, poor sleep, and my snoring were the crucial factors for me at first. After all the examinations I then discovered I also had a lack of oxygen in my blood, too many breathing stops per hour and a risk of stroke and heart attack, making the operation essential. I can’t thank Professor Sailer enough. His infectious geniality is paired with an incredibly high level of expertise, and great creative and motivational energy. I always felt very well looked after, both by him and his super team.

I wish Professor Sailer all the best for the future.

H. Müller

Diverse patient reports

Fr. Bovet Operazione 2016

La terapia con la maschera CPAP non è migliorata.
".. Una seconda vita libera"

Mr. Bayir ha cercato aiuto per 30 anni

Operazione ottobre 2016
"Oggi sono fantastico, ho di nuovo energia"

Sig. Müller, risultato a lungo termine dopo 7 anni

"La mia fase di recupero è stata molto buona, indolore e 3 settimane dopo sono tornato al lavoro"

Note of thanks from a medical colleague

December 2016

Dear Professor

Thanks to your education in Zurich, I became a famous and well known oral- and maxillofacial surgeon for orthognathic and jaw surgery in Korea. Thanks for your help.

I wish you and your wife a happy new year 2017, and that you will always remain active and in best healthy condition.

Best regards

Soon Jung HWANG.

Professor, Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Director, Center for Orthognathic surgery
Director, Maxillofacial Deformity Clinic
Seoul National University Dental Hospital
School of Dentistry, Seoul National University
28 Yeongeon-dong, Jongro-gu
Seoul, 110-768 Korea



Patient report 1 month after operation

Letter from Mr. Dubbert, February 2016

When I returned home in 2012 from my stay in the sleep laboratory with the new CPAP device, my wife and I were able to enjoy life again. Peaceful sleep with sufficient oxygen – in the morning I was rested and refreshed and ready to take on the day.

It took just 6 months however,

Experience report November 2016

Mr Stefano D. from Switzerland

Almost 1 ½ years after the operation, I can say that not only has it cured the sleep apnoea, but it has also changed my whole life.

I can finally sleep well all night long without a mask and without snoring. My partner is sleeping with me again after we had been sleeping in separate beds because of my snoring. I have lost a considerable amount of weight, can finally do exercises without breathlessness and am active all day without symptoms of fatigue.

Statements from patients

“No other treatment had freed me from the mask”

“I thought that I would have to wear the breathing mask for the rest of my life”

“Cured at last. It feels like a new life without snoring or the breathing mask”

“Breathing mask, dental brace, throat operation: I had already tried everything and nothing helped until I decided to have the curative operation”

“I didn’t want to live with the breathing mask anymore”

“Now we can finally have restful sleep together”