Sleep Clinic

The competence center for insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea

Our services: medical examination, diagnostic, appropriate treatments

A good night’s sleep determines the success of the next day

Take one or two nights’ time to determine the cause of your insomnia and/or snoring.

Causes and consequences of insomnia: 

There are many causes for insomnia. Untreated, it can cause not only constant fatigue and reductions in performance, but also long-term effects such as stroke, heart attack, or immunodeficiencies.

Check up in the sleep lab:

It is important for you to not feel bothered by the measurement technology during the course of the study and to experience a comfortable atmosphere that is comparable to your nightly sleep at home.

The rooms at the Professor Sailer clinic offer a cozy, comfortable ambience while state-of-the-art measurement technology records your sleep in the background.

What happens when you close your eyes? 

Are important phases of your sleep regularly interrupted by wake-up responses? 

Is it possible that your nightly oxygen supply is threatened? 

Are constrictions of your airways the cause?

The focuses of our study:

Inability to fall asleep/sleep through the night

Sleep-wake cycle disorders

Loud snoring

Sleep-related respiratory disorder, breathing interruptions (apnea)

Oxygen saturation in the blood

Restless leg syndrome

Sleepwalking, nightmares

Nightly epilepsy

Grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw during sleep

What are the specialities of the sleep laboratory Klinik Professor Sailer:

-Real-time results and consultations: You’ll receive your results within the next 14hrs and be able to discuss them with our expert team of doctors, who have dealt with insomnia for over 25 years. 

-The clinic is a competence center for insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea: We offer diagnostics, consultation, and therapy. Following this, you will be informed of further steps, such as therapy and treatment options. 

-References: You also have the opportunity to talk to former patients. The clinic has a number of recovered and cured patients who are ready and willing to communicate with other patients. A special exchange of experiences among patients concerning long-term or short-term results of various treatments. 

Sleep lab costs: 

In the event that a disorder such as a diagnosed sleep apnea is found, statutory or private health insurance assumes the costs of the study. 

Should your general practitioner have already diagnosed a relevant disorder, the costs will also be assumed by the insurance company.

Sleep lab procedure:

-Admission at around 9:30 p.m.

-Next, reception and medical history.

-Afterwards, you can get ready for bed in your room.

-Once you feel comfortable and sleepy, the specialist for sleep disorders will apply the required electrodes.

-The next morning, you will be woken around 6:30 a.m., and the electrodes removed. 

-You can then shower and receive a small breakfast of croissants and coffee or tea. On request, you can also get bacon and eggs and a morning newspaper!

In the meantime, your sleep recording is analyzed, which you can then discuss with the specialist over the course of the morning.

Bring along pajamas and slippers.

(Towels, dental products, and shower products are available).

State-of-the-art sleep medicine technology:

The sleep lab at the Professor Sailer Clinic has state-of-the-art measuring equipment to record your nightly sleep behavior. The exact diagnostics, as well as virtually uninterrupted sleep, are very important, just as they are at home.

In addition to modern medical equipment, the clinic also has a comprehensive infrastructure for diagnostics (3D DVT for 3-dimensional presentation of the airways), consultation, and subsequent treatment options.

Feel free to get in touch with us using our contact form, or call us if you have any questions:

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Kind regards, your sleep lab in Zurich