Health insurance treatment costs

An investment in your health

In Switzerland

Swiss semi-private or private insurance policies cover the costs of the operation in most cases.

Swiss public health insurance companies pay the normal local TARMED tariff proportion of the operation costs. The private clinic costs must then be paid for by the patient.

In the case of patients with obstructive sleep apnoea which is caused by a dysgnathia corresponding to the IV criteria, the health insurance companies normally pay most of the costs. If the growth disturbances present can be clearly shown, but the IV criteria are not applicable, then the rules, which are described above about the Swiss health insurance companies, are valid


Patients living abroad who are privately insured or who have supplementary insurance have to request a cost cover guarantee from their insurance company themselves, after first sending the medical certificate and sleep laboratory report. According to the statements of our foreign patients, these insurance companies often cover a substantial proportion of the costs of the operation, according to conditions agreed in advance.

In our experience, foreign public health insurance companies do not usually cover any of the costs unfortunately, because they often do not have enough information or knowledge about the cure for sleep apnoea.